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St. James Community Orphans School

Mfangano Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya

St. James Community Orphans School is a community based initiative, founded by a group of volunteers in Mfangano Island. Mfangano is a beautiful remote island in the Lake Victoria region of Kenya. One of the greatest challenges for the community is the HIV/AIDS epidemic that destroyed many families. Most of the 130 students studying in the school are orphans. They live with generous villagers who provide them shelters. The school depends entirely on charitable donations for its operations.

With help from Ekipi, St. James Community Orphans School runs a physical activity and sports program that includes:
1. Coaching and development of boys' Football (Soccer) team.
2. Coaching and development of girls' Netball team. Netball is a sport similar to Volleyball.
3. After school physical activity and games participation for all girls and boys of the school.
It also includes providing supplemental sports nutrition after practice for the school teams.

Mr. Geofrey Abayo, a local sports expert, trains both the school teams and also facilitates the after school play. The program is led by Mr. George Odhiambo Ooko, Founder / Director of the St. James Community Orphans School. George has dedicated his life to the wellbeing of the children. He is supported by Mr. Nelson Elly Ochieng, Secretary of the Mfangano Initiative for Sustainable Development. Nelson's vision and strategy benefits the St. James School as well as other local humanitarian initiatives.

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 hit hard and the school had to completely shut down. However, the school teams continued to practice a couple of days every week and also participated in local competitions. In fact, participation in sports made the struggling days of COVID somewhat bearable and even enjoyable for the children. The school reopened in February of 2021 and now the program is running in full swing. Your contribution goes a long way in places like St. James. Not just sports, if you plan to help St. James in other areas of student activities, please contact us and we'll work with you to bring more benefits to the children at St. James.


Students participating in after school physical activity.


Girls and boys playing Football and Netball for school team.

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