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Mission Table Tennis Development Trust

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Mission Table Tennis Development Trust runs a table tennis coaching academy. It is located in Kolkata (earlier known as Calcutta), in the state of West Bengal, India. To further its mission of professional player development and serve underprivileged children, Mission TT recruits promising players from low income families and facilitates their professional table tennis training at the academy. Many of the academy players compete at regional, state and national levels in various age groups.

Ekipi facilitates professional coaching for underprivileged athletes at Mission Table Tennis Development Trust's academy. The program currently sponsors four athletes with:
1. Table tennis gear (rubber, paddle, shoes, apparel)
2. Tournament participation expenses

Soumyadeep Roy is a former Indian national champion in table tennis and coach of Indian national team. Being trained by him is a privilege and an honor for any aspiring table tennis player. Ekipi is grateful that Soumyadeep joined Ekipi's mission to develop future sports stars. Ekipi's program at Mission Table Tennis Development Trust is run by him and he is the coach for all the participating athletes.

Pursuing a career in sports and toiling to be a champion is real hard work. We respect these young athletes for their enormous efforts. When you come from a low income family, it is a long struggle to climb the ladder of success. Even if you don't reach the top of the ladder, you prove yourself to be a fighter and build a mindset that will make you strong and gritty in life. Ekipi is pleased to be able to help these athletes just a little bit and that is only possible with your generous contributions.


Sub-junior national boys players pursuing professional Table Tennis training.


Junior national girls players pursuing professional Table Tennis training.

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