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Rush Belize Football Club

Belize City, Belize

Warriors FC (popularly known as Rush Belize) is a football club in Belize City, Belize. Belize, a popular tourist destination, is a Caribbean country located on the northeastern coast of Central America. Rush Belize organizes football coaching for underprivileged youth of Belize City and participates in competitive tournaments. They are affiliated to Rush Soccer of New York, USA. Rush Belize occasionally participates in international engagements e.g. Rush Fest International Youth Soccer Camp.

Ekipi collects used sports gear and apparel from donors and distributes them to needy kids. This helps us achieve a sustainable supply of sports gear and, combined with monetary donations, equip more kids to play. The program started with equipping Rush Belize players by providing :
1. 50 football shoes (soccer cleats)
2. 50 shin guards
3. 30 balls
4. 30 practice cones

Mr. Daniel Fabro is a local businessman and philanthropist. Formation of the club, providing financial support and running it successfully has been a major contribution from Daniel back to the community. Ekipi was introduced to Rush Belize by one of our generous donors. After a few meetings, we realized how well our missions are aligned. That's how the program started.

As COVID-19 pandemic disrupted normal life all across the planet, Rush Belize also had to stop it's practice and tournament participation. Sporting activities haven't restarted at belize. But we hope that will happen very soon. Daniel and Rush Belize are eagerly waiting to gear up the kids and start their practice. We will share more details and pictures as the football starts again in Belize.


Football shoes (cleats) and shin guards.


Balls and practice cones.

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